1Who is suitable for HIFU treatment?
The treatment is suitable for 30 to 60 years old customer who want to reduce the pore size and looks younger.
2When can you expect to see the treatment result?
Generally, the collagen need 30 to 90 days for regeneration. Post treatment by our HIFU, the effect will show within 90 days.
3Why do some clients have good effect of face lifting, but some clients have hollow cheek after treatment?
80% of the effect comes from the post treatment recovery. It depends on patients skin property and recruitment of cell-repairing factor (such as DPHP) (If the patients age is more than 30 years, the collagen loss will be more, so before treatment, they need to take/drink some special collagen repair product (Ceovia) which will help in regeneration of collagen fibers). If patients do not support enough the treatment process by taking collagen forming products this may result in hollow cheek.
4If a patient undergo HIFU treatment too frequently, what risk he will take ? what is the suitable interval time for HIFU treatment?
Usually the treatment results of HIFU treatment can last 2-3 years. HIFU treatment has a little damage on Subcutaneous, so we don’t suggest a patient accept HIFU treatment too frequently. We suggest the interval time is above 2 years.
5Besides the symptoms mentioned above, what other symptoms will appear after this HIFU treatment?
After HIFU treatment, the treatment area may show signs of swelling, pain, blisters and bruises.
6How to do the postoperative care after HIFU treatment?
After the treatment, the patient can carry on with the daily life. There is no special considerations. The treatment area may show signs of swelling, but don’t worry, it will disappear after a few hours.