ULTRALIFT is a novel breakthrough technology in aesthetic medicine. It is the most effective non-invasive facelift & skin tightening treatment equipment operating on the principle of High intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU).

ULTRALIFT uses high intensity acoustic energy that produces heat for skin lifting. The energy is relatively high energy and highly convergent which enables it to be focused with high intensity at a specific location in a small volume. The healing process is completely natural and tightens the loose skin on the neck, face, double chin, stomach and stretch marks. It penetrates depths at high temperatures and treats the foundation layers of the skin from 1.5mm to 13mm. Over a period of 3 to 6 months, this process stimulates tissue healing, lifting and tightening.


  • Completely non-invasive and non- ablative to the epidermis layer
  • No down time and make-up can be applied 15 minutes after the treatment
  • Quick & short treatment time : 30 minutes for one face treatment
  • Long lasting results; The results last for 2-3 years after 1 treatment
  • Minimal pain, safe with no reported side effects
  • ULTRALIFT treatments are usually carried out in a single session, with the patient either fully conscious or lightly sedated
  • High quality, low consumables